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Titel: Megagame in november: Come one and Eorl
Bericht door: Marcs op 6 september 2010, 21:44:35
Op zaterdag 13 november wordt er weer een megagame in London gespeeld. Voor een beschrijving van het spel laat ik de auteur, Andrew Hadley aan het woord:

I\'ve been working on my Come One and Eorl game for several years now, and the time is now approaching for it to see the light of day. For those of you that haven\'t had the luck (!) to see it already, it\'s set in Britain in 1050 and is a mass face-to-face game in a town hall in South London. The game gives players roles across the political hierarchies of the time - Edward the Confessor, MacBeth, Gruffudd ap Llewelyn, Godwine, Siward, bishops, princes and noblemen (all but a handful actual historical characters)- and has both diplomatic and military elements.

The game, which will hopefully have 40+ players (we already have more than 20 with registered interest), is a megagame. See for more on megagames, or to book. This is a huge face-to-face (not computer networked) game involving roleplaying, strategy, tactical decisions, but above all conversation and interaction with the other players. So players get the chance to confront the decisions made by the great men and women of the time, and hopefully see their plans come to fruition on the map boards, which is where you move your troops and resolve battles.

    * So can Edward the Confessor find or produce an heir, thus forestalling the Norman invasion?
    * Can Gruffudd unite Wales and hold on to it?
    * What will happen to MacBeth and his reign in Scotland?
    * Who will control the English Church, and who will appoint the bishops?
    * Are the Vikings in the Irish Sea still a threat to the rest of Britain?
    * Where is Godwine\'s inexorable path to power in England set to end?
    * What will happen to Cumbria - English, Scottish, Norse, independent or torn to pieces by everyone?
    * Who will be the greatest warrior of all?
The game starts in the morning on Saturday 13 November in Anerley. Maybe you fancy coming along? There are hefty discounts for first timers and for booking in advance, so let me know if you\'re interested.

Please ask me if you\'ve got any questions.

This year died Athelstan, Abbot of Abingdon, on the
fourth day before the calends of April; and Sparhawk, monk of St.
Edmundsbury, succeeded him. Easter day was then on the third day
before the nones of April; and there was over all England very
great loss of men this year also. The same year came to Sandwich
Lothen and Irling, with twenty-five ships, and plundered and took
incalculable spoil, in men, and in gold, and in silver, so that
no man wist what it all was; and went then about Thanet, and
would there have done the same; but the land-folk firmly
withstood, and resisted them both by land and sea, and thence put
them to flight withal. They betook themselves thence into Essex,
where they plundered and took men, and whatsoever they could
find, whence they departed eastward to Baldwin\'s land, and having
deposited the booty they had gained, they returned east to the
place whence they had come before.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 1047